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A jersey finger is an injury to the flexor tendon. This is common injury which occurs in contact sports. With jersey finger, the pain is located on the distal area of the finger and the patient is unable to bend the tip of the finger atively. The finger involved will have rigidity when trying to make a fist.


The treatment of choice is usually surgical:

  • Direct tendon repair or reinsertion
  • Acute injury ( < 3 weeks )
  • ORIF fracture fragment
  • Two-stage flexor tendon grafting
  • Chronic injury (>3 months) with full PROM of the DIP joint
  • DIP arthrodesis
  • Chronic injury (>3 months) with chronic stiffness

If jersey finger is left untreated, it will have functional consequences on the whole hand. It can affect the grip strength and the capacity to handle objects.