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Eric J. Balaguer, M.D

Meet Eric J. Balaguer, M.D. Board-certified Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon

Eric J. Balaguer, M.D. is a board-certified hand and upper extremity surgeon specializing in conditions of the hand, wrist, and elbow as well as micro-vascular surgery and nerve repairs.

His undergraduate education took place at The Ohio State University majoring in biological sciences. He then returned to his native Puerto Rico to attend medical school.

Patient Reviews


  • Dr. Eric Balaguer and his staff are the best! My gangallion cyst has healed very nicely after the su...
    ~ Yeney Abreu ~
  • Gracias dr. Balaguer por su atención al igual que la de todo el personal de su oficina, la op...
    ~ Miriam Mirabal ~
  • I had hand surgery with Dr. Balaguer and he is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. I have total mobilit...
    ~ Delia Dominguez ~
  • Dr.Balager, an excellent doctor and an excellent human being, Very knowledgeable and professional.
    ~ Madelin Corazon ~
  • Friendly staff. Great location.
    ~ Alphonso Barnes ~

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Areas of Expertise

  • Expert in
    Microvascular Surgery

    Microvascular surgery or microsurgery is a surgical technique for joining or repairing the damaged blood vessels and nerves during reconstructive surgery of body parts. Reconstructive surgery restores the functioning of the body parts by improving circulation and involves the transfer of muscles and large segments of skin, fat, and bone from one part of the body to another.

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  • Specialized Care for
    Nerve Injuries

    Nerves can be damaged by too much pressure, stretching, or by a cut. The signs and symptoms of nerve injuries can vary depending on the injured nerve and the type and severity of the injury. Some may include numbness, weakness, and pain.

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Fractures & Traumatic Conditions

Treatment of the orthopedic trauma injuries is a highly specialized field that deals with a broad set of conditions and symptoms. Using the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques, Dr. Balaguer can successfully treat your upper extremity injury.

  • Hand Fractures

    Hand and Finger

    The hand is one of the most flexible and useful parts of the body and is made up of many bones that form its supporting framework. This frame acts as a point of attachment for the muscles that make the wrist and fingers move. A fracture occurs when force is applied to a bone that is enough to break it.

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  • Wrist Fractures


    The wrist is made up of eight small bones and two forearm bones, the radius and ulna. The shape of the bones allows the wrist to bend and straighten, move side-to-side, and rotate. A fracture may occur in any of these bones when enough force is applied, such as when falling down onto an outstretched hand.

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  • Elbow Fractures


    Elbow fractures may result from falling onto an outstretched arm, a direct impact to the elbow, or a twisting injury. When patients suffer an injury to the elbow, getting the correct treatment right away is very important.

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